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Library error - invalid element address

Level 3
Running Backup exec for Windows Servers 9.1 on a Windows Server 2003.
Bought a Library Expansion option and added a second robot so we now have two librarys Overland LXS4115(sometimes called LXB4115). All looks fine both in device manager and in the backup exec UI. When we try to access (inventory) the library in the second robot the problem occur and we get the error message:
"Library error - invalid element address"

We have tried both robots on same SCSi card and on different ones. Could anyone please solve this problem?

Level 6

As you ahve mentioned here that you are getting this error while performing inventory operation, we want to know have nebled the bar code rule on the library?

If yes, then you cannot perform the inventory.

Note :we can not perform the inventory if the bar code rule is enabled on the library.It is required to activate the bar code rule on the libaray in the backup exec also.

1.clcik on the library and select the option "activate the bar code"
2.Refer the following technote

How to enable a bar code label rule and configure it for the tape device

3.Then initialize the library
4.Scan the slots in which media are present.

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Level 3
Bar code rules is NOT enabled on the librarys.

It is not only inventory that is the problem but all kind of communication with the robotic library.

Level 6

Please check if your library is compatible with backup exec:

If yes, please install the latest driver release from Veritas if you have not already.

if not please use the OEM drivers.

Also delete the device and power cycle the server and the library

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