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Hello all,

I have a question as far as renewing/purchasing License for Backup Exec and everything I have found so far has been more than confusing, so I hope I could finally be able to clear those questions Smiley Happy

Here would be the situation, while evaluating options for Backup and considering Backup Exec I saw that the licesing is with Tiers and on how would be the correct choice.

The articles I've checked are not that clear: https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.000025717 , https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.TECH230179 .


We have used the tool and states our total TeraBytes are 0.37 backing up the exact same things we have been backing up with our current solution (since it doesn't include SQL DB and it does not take into consideration things I will detail later, I could say a total of 0.4 TB, and with growth prevision we are talking about a 0.5TB total).


With our current solution, we have set up the backups as following:

  • Full Daily Backups done Monday through Saturday which has a total of 250 GB of data (without compression)
  • Incremental Backups once a week which are 40GB (I know those are not taken into consideration on licensing)
  • Monthly Backups from our VMs which are Full Backup and the total would be around 400GB (as one of the servers failed the last run so I would not be able to estimate total amt).

So as far as total FULL backups we would be talking around 700GB of data from multiple servers.


Since documentation is not clear on the tiers if the 1TB, 2-5TB, etc, if they are on a monthly total TB backed up or yearly backed up amount we are unsure which to request (since we are considering several solutions from our local provider). We would like to know the following:


- Are the TB tiers on a montlhly basis or annual basis? (I did understand though they are calc'd on Full Backups done)


- Considering the information given, which would be the recommended tier to get?



Thanks in advance and best regards.

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Re: Licensing Backup Exec

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Re: Licensing Backup Exec

The capacity licence tiers are based on the total amount of data backed up by full backups for the month.  The schedule of the backups does not matter, so you should include the yearly backups in your calculation if the data are not backed up in your monthly schedule.

For licencing matters, you should always contact the Veritas Licencing department to confirm everything.  They are the final authority on licencing matters.  Do not rely on answers on this forum, including mine, for your licencing decisions.

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Re: Licensing Backup Exec