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Just to make sure I am completely legit on my licensing, I have a quick question about the BE15 VMware agent license.

We have a single physical server hadling the backups, but in terms of our virtual environment, it communicates with two separate VCentres. The simple question is do I need two VMWare agent licenses or one?

This is for a new installation, replacing our existing 2010R3

Thanks for your time.


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You license this per socket.

You license this per socket. So if both VCs have 2 hosts each, with each host having 2 sockets, you'd need 8 licenses.

Check the guide below:


EDIT: my licensing is based on V-Ray Edition.

Re: Licensing

You need 1 Agent for VMware license per ESX host.

Re: Licensing

Be careful to distinguish between the VC and the ESX hosts as these are two different things both V-Ray and the VMware Agent license models are based on ESX hosts and have nothing to do with the VC.

Re: Licensing

Thanks very much everyone for your responses. I will pass the info on to the people who need to know and proceed accordingly.

If I am not mistaken, he will

If I am not mistaken, he will need to load AWS on the vCenter servers, so he would need to buy AWS licences for each of them

Actually you only need to

Actually you only need to load AWS (and own a remote agent license not a VMware agent license) if you want to backup the vCenter server itself. Nothing needs to be installed on the vCenter to backup the VMs (Note the VCenter could be running on a Linux variant and not Windows so in some cases cannot run a local agent anyway)




Re: Licensing

Good morning,

I will post here relating to Backup Exec VMWare licensing.

I'm going to put in place a new strategy of Backup for my virtualisation infrastructure.


A bit of backgroung :

approx. 70 VMs (Exchange, AD, Oracle, SQL)

4 ESXi

1 Vcenter

What i need to take as licence ?

Do i need a BackupExec Agents for Windows for each Windows machine ?

Do i need a BackupExec Agents for Linux for each Linux machine ?

Do i need a BackupExec Agents for SQL for each SQL machine ?

Do i need a BackupExec Agents for AD for each AD server ?

Or the BackupExec Agent for VMware is taking care of everything ?

How many BackupExec Agent for VMWare do i need ? is that per VMs or per ESXi ?

I know there is a lot of questions.

thank you for your time