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Limit snapshot per backup job - Backup Exec

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Hi guys,

Does anyone know how do I limit the number of snapshots per backup job, I want to configure a backup exec policy to backup a vmware host but not all of them at the same time is like inteligent policies (Netbackup). The problem is my vms move constantly and I dont want to edit the policy so often. 


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Backup Exec only creates on snapshot per VM (when doing Virtual Agent Backups)

If you put multiple VMs in a job then Backup Exec will create one snapshot for each VM in the job, and these are created as and when the job processing reaches each VM (not at the start of the job) and VMs in a single job are backed up serially not in parallel.

As such not sure why this is a problem?

If moving Vms is breaking the Backup Exec selection lists - then as regularly moving VMs is rarely done by most BE customers, maybe you do need the advanced/large enterprise capabilities of NetBackup