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Linux Server does not appear under Linux/Unix Servers

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I am using BackupExec 2010 R2 media server on a Windows XP Professional desktop, and that is working fine. I am backing up 3 Linux servers. All 3 servers have Ralus R2 installed on them. 2 of the 3 servers appear under the Linux/Unix Servers in the Backup Job Properties on the BackupExec media server, as they should. The third linux server never appeared despite every effort (including adding the server name and ip to the host file on the media server). I should also mention that this is not a licensing issue. All 3 licenses were purchased and installed properly.

I finally tried creating a User-defined Selection and it seemed to work ok.

Can someone help figure out why this is happening so I can feel more confident about my backups.

By the way all three servers are running SUSE.


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Can you telnet the linux server over port#10000(to and from media server)

Also check the ralus.cfg file if the media server is listed for publishing.