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Linux agent ports?

Level 3

I have the Linux and Unix remote agent installed on a CentOS box and Backup Exec 10d on a Windows 2003 server. They are on differently VLANs. I have port 10000 opened up on the Linux server side and port 6101 opened on the Backup Exec side. I am able to see the server in Backup Exec in remote selections, unix agent. Everything seems find, I can select folders and files for the backup job but after I run the backup job, it seems to error. Not sure if this is a port issue or not but here is what the debug says:

4a52bb0 Mon Jan 23 11:59:42 2006: Agent browser advertisement cycle complete. A
dvertisement interval is 60 minutes.
1cddbb0 Mon Jan 23 11:59:52 2006: C : connection established between IP
, port 10000 and IP, port 2945
3ba4bb0 Mon Jan 23 12:00:09 2006: Media Server has initiated the connection for
data transfer
3ba4bb0 Mon Jan 23 12:00:09 2006: Remote Agent is listening for the Data Connect
ion at:
IP :
Port : 53792

Level 6
What error do you get in the failed job log?
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Level 3
The issue was that I needed to open up more ports. The remote agent TCP dynamic port range had to be opened up.