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Live Update a server with no internet connection

Hello all.
i have my media serer installed on a server which isn't conncted to the internet.
what are my options to update it?
and why isn't there a product like Live update administrator for Backup Exec and only for Antivirus?
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You would need to manually

You would need to manually download the updates and install it on the server .....
Live update can update all the symantec products on the system

so there is no option of

so there is no option of installing a server which will download the updates and the set the products to fetch the updates from that internal update server ?

the option is available for Norton Anti-Virus....

Yup the option is available

Yup the option is available in Antivirus ...I am not sure if there is any such utiltiy you have in backup exec
refer the following document

i know...that's what iv'e

i know...that's what iv'e wrote...

I ment why didn't they make the tool to be compatible to BE in general ? ? ?

Well thats a good Idea ..You

Well thats a good Idea ..You can post that as an enchancement request

BE 2010 does not work with

BE 2010 does not work with LiveUpdate Admin - in theory BE 11.0 and 12.x will work with LiveUpdate Admin however a problem has been identified that  results in servers not receiving updates.

As Symantec would like to see an idea of numbers of custoemrs that would be interested in having LUAdmin (or something similar) working with BE, please use the IDEAS tab at the top of the forums to request it as an Enhancment - with a brief explantion/justification of the requirement - items within the ideas section have a voting system that then allows other forum uses to vote for the idea.

Without something like LiveUpdate Admin - if you media server cannot talk to the internet then your options are manual downlaods only using:

i wrote my IDEA in the idea

i wrote my IDEA in the idea section - my fingers are crossed.

i can also say that when i opend these IP's at my firewall :

The live update could not download updates, to what address should i open the server to in my Firewall ?

Live update operates over

Live update operates over http/https and ftp

  • LiveUpdate needs access to ports 80 (HTTP), 21 (FTP) and 443 (HTTPS).
  • The protocol is TCP.
The file that accesses the Internet is:


By default, the file is located in C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate.

We usually try to connect (in order) to

When I pinged those addresses , none of them returned the IP addresses you quoted, however, it is possible that we would mirror/round robin the DNS records on the internet so there could be a number of IP adresses involved and it therefore might be difficult to lock access to external IP addresses - bear in mind the connection is always initiated as outbound from media server to LiveUpdate servers so you should not need to configure inbound firewall rules.

Colin thank's for your

Colin thank's for your reply.

The deal is that i can only open IP address in the Firewall - what do you think i should do  ?

if i will open the ports mentiond - i am exposing my server to the world...not something i can do and still sleep well at night.

How you manage your internet

How you manage your internet security when offset against how you keep software updated is always going to be your choice. Your options for Backup Exec currently are:

 - Manually track when Hotfixes and Servcie packs are released via our website and then download them via a workstaion and install them manually
 - Allow LiveUpdate out through your internet - which more or less means allow internet browsing from your server.

Colin, I understand my


I understand my option's now, can you confirm that Symantec is working on a centeralized sulotion like the one for the Antivuris ?


Unfortunately at this current

Unfortunately at this current time I can't confirm any form of centralised update management - which is why i asked you to post in the Ideas section so that we can get some figures to justify business needs

I did post an "idea", another

I did post an "idea", another question on the matter ;

i understand that there is a working solution for the AV, and that the teaqm which developed this sulotion encouterd a problem adapting it to the BE, my question is if they encounterd a problem, why not put in the effort and fix it.

I mean if the sulotion was developed in the first place it means Symantec allready understands the need for this kind of sulotion for its customers.

Looks like there is another

Looks like there is another possible option "BackuP Exec Infrastructure Manager" - more info in link on this page:

This is an Altriris based option that I have not yet used and I believe might not be that easy to configure. Also pending the next version of the Altiris management platform, it has a lot of limitations on what operating systems it can be installed on.

Colin - that's tool sounds

Colin - that's tool sounds prefect for my needs.

the problem is that i can't seem to find a trial for this (anywhere).

the place this tool is mentioned is in this link :

Do you have a link to the Trial ?



I think you cab download it

I think you can download it from the 12.5 Trailware site:

If you get asked for a login use the same one that you use to logon to these forums (it should work)

I have not even installed so don't know how to use it - if you do intend posting forum questions though I'd suggest you start a new thread about BEIM instead of continuing this one

Also with regards the limitatiions of where you can use the Altiris Management Platform (and therefore BEIM) - I believe a new version of the Altiris components is being planned - so would expect a new BEIM not long afterwards.

Colin, i have a license for


i have a license for the 12.5 edition which i upgraded to the 2010 version.

in that in mind - by what you are saying - this should be part of the installation as an option to use evaluation - i've run the installation again but the option to evaluate the BEIM isn't there.

so we are back where we started - no source file to install the evaluation.


Did you download the specific

Did you download the specific BEIM link in the location I gave you - there should have been more than one download to choose from, get the wrong download and you probably got the full BE 12.5 installer instead of BEIM.

Note BEIM for 12.5 does support BE 2010

Hi Collin, the link you

Hi Collin,

the link you posted only includes the download of :"Symantec Backup Exec™ 12.5 for Windows Servers is now available for a free 60-day evaluation!" and nothing else.

Am i missing something ?