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Live Update for BE is infuriating

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Can someone please explain why I have to run Live Update for every single hotfix? I just installed a fresh copy of 2010 R2 and I think I've run Live Update like 10 times already and each time it finds and installs a hotfix.

Why can't it automatically download ALL available updates during one Live Update session, and install them one at a time? Like Windows Update?


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I did not install any Backup Exec product in the last few weeks, but I definitely have seen that LiveUpdate can download/install several updates in a time.

It can be that there are updates for the updates. But I must say that 10 is a lot.

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Sometimes you have to run LiveUpdate repeatedly because some hotfixes are pre-requisites for other hotfixes.  Until these pre-reqs are in, the others cannot be installed.  Hence the need for repeated runs of LiveUpdate.

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Hi Max,


Yes I did see the same were it will not list all hotfixes in one go but this won't be an issue now as BE 2010 r2 has finally come up with sp1 which include all hotifxes

To download sp1 yopu can click on link below

If this help you please mark this as solved


Thank You