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LiveStream Q&A: Virtualization, Appliance or Software – Where do backups fit?

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 Wed, 22 May, 2013 - 11:00 - 12:00 EDT


On Wednesday 22 May at 10.00 a.m. CDT, thanks to the fine folks at Spiceworks, Backup Exec is hosting a LiveStream Q&A:  Virtualization, Appliance or Software – Where do Backups Fit?.  Things are a little different this time around. This year we are happy to have have 2 power users of Backup Exec

  • Tim Gunsteens – Manager, Logistics and Technology at Citrus County Supervisor of Elections  Citrus County sits in a low-lying area on the Gulf Coast—prime hurricane country—so Tim must make sure that all systems, particularly the proprietary voter registration application, can recover quickly after a natural disaster.
  • Nathan Streb – Systems Administrator – NAC Solutions  The challenge for Nathan was to improve business continuity, so he began virtualizing NAC’s servers in late 2011. Within 18 months, five racks holding 30 physical servers shrank to 1.5 racks holding two VMware ESXi hosts, containing a total of 24 virtual servers running Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Linux. Nathan says that, eventually, NAC’s data center will be 100 percent virtual.
  • Charles Butler - Director of Product Management for Backup Exec.  Charles has been in this role since 2008.  A key component of his work is speaking with customers to understand their daily requirements for Backup Exec.  You can find Charles on Twitter at @butlercp.
  • Matt Stephenson – Your Humble Narrator  I live in the Spiceworks community doing everything I can to help Spiceheads.  I lead a team of 3 Technical Support Engineers who are an official extension of Symantec support.

But you are what we need to make this work.  Sign up to join us for the live webcast and join in the conversation.  We will be taking questions via

  • Spiceworks – use this thread to post questions for the event
  • LiveStream chat – there is a native chat client built into the LiveStream player

We want to hear your questions about virtualization, purpose built backup appliances, disaster recovery and even good recipes for jambalaya.

Find out what other IT Pros are doing with their backups.  Talk directly to Product Management about your expectations.  Help us understand more about the job backups occupy in your organization.

Take a minute to jump out to and sign up.  We’ll see you on Wednesday the 22nd.