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LiveUpdate does not work with BE V12.5


We have a newly installed SBS 2008 Std edition with BE 12.5 for SBS. BE (Version 12.5 Rev 2213)

When I run LiveUpdate, I get the message:
"There are no products on this computer that can be updated by LiveUpdate"
"Click here for more information"

When I click on the link I am presented with a solution on how to update Norton (which we don't have)

I downloaded and installed BE 12.5 SP3
Still having the same issue.

What is the next step?



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Hello, LU1805: LiveUpdate was


LU1805: LiveUpdate was unable to find any products to Update. There are no products on this computer that can be updated by LiveUpdate.
All of a sudden, your LiveUpdate doesn’t work. You tried to repair, re-install, remove application, schedule a server reboot, and even called Tech support, the issue doesn’t seem to go away. It is more likely caused by the LiveUpdate coponent itself than Backup Exec. When you inititate LiveUpdate, you will see this:

LU1805 LiveUpdate Failure
LU1805 LiveUpdate Failure

LU1805 LiveUpdate Failure

Here is a quick fix.

  1. Uninstall LiveUpdate from Add/Remove Porgram. If this is not possible follow this article
  2. Copy (and save elsewhere) or rename the following folder:C:Documents And SettingsAll UsersApplication Data\Symantec  
  3. Download LUSETUP.exe (version 3.3) for Symantec Enterprise product.Go to
  4. Perform install with the downloaded version.
  5. Once completed, fire up your Backup Exec 12.5 and initiate LiveUpdate, you will get the following dialog box similar to the following. Click Yes to accept.
Backup Exec registration with LiveUpdate
Backup Exec registration with LiveUpdate

Hope this helps...

LiveUpdate does not see the BackupExec

Hi Dev,

Thanks for you quick reply :-)

This was on a SBS Win 2008 (SBS 2008), I guess I had to rename the C:\ProgramData\Symantec\LiveUpdate folder to C:\ProgramData\Symantec\LiveUpdate.old as c:\doc & settings\all users does not exist in 2008??? I left the other folders in C:\ProgramData\Symantec\ (BackupExec, CRF ( End Check)

After following your tips (uninstall + reboot ; Rename above foler + Install LUSETUP V3.3), I ran the LiveUpdate from within BE. It did not ask me to register Backup Exec with Live Update and it gave me a window stating:
Welcome to LiveUpdate Express
The following Symantec product and components are installed on your computer.

[no list!]
When pressing Start to begin the LiveUpdate, I get a "all the product installed on this computer are up to date." message

Any suggestion on what to do next?


I wonder if there were

I wonder if there were problems with the LiveUpdate servers today, when I ran it I had to register my product (BEX 12.5) with LiveUpdate first.  Then when I ran it, it offered SP3 even though it was already installed.  Then when SP3 was reinstalled via LiveUpdate, I had to reinstall these hotfixes: Hotfix 327039 (again), Hotfix 334837 (again), Hotfix 336087 (again), Hotfix 337202 (only new one)

Hi Baillard, I don't think

Hi Baillard,

I don't think your problem is the same as mine ... Live Update does not even see that there are any Symantec products installed on this server. Is it supposed to? Are there any patches to install after SP3 is installed? 

I am desperately wanting to check if we have all latest patches as since I installed BE , I have not been able to do a backup, see this BE forum

Does anyone have any suggestions. 



Live update BE

 Is this version of BE trial ? 

When LiveUpdate is scheduled to automatically update other Symantec products, it does not search for Backup Exec updates.

See this doc to further information about Symantec Live Update.

Regards !!


And a week later, the problem

And a week later, the problem reappears. So now I get to reinstall SP3 every week if I want to automatically check for updates?  Any help from Mountain View here?

I am in a similar situation -

I am in a similar situation - Windows Server 2008 Std x64 SP2.  This is now the second time I received the LU1805 error.  (The first time I compeltely reinstalled BE.)  My current course of action after reading Dev T's instructions:

- uninstall Live Update
- rename folder c:\ProgramData\Symantec\LiveUpdate\
- reboot
- Install LiveUpdate 3.5 from

I am then asked to register BE when running LU inside BE.  Like baillard, I too am being asked to reinstall SP3, and probably the other hotfixes then as well. (My BE 12.5 is a full, licensed version.)

What is causing this to keep happening?

Hi all, Any possible solution

Hi all,

Any possible solution about this problem? 
Anyone at Symantec listening?

Gee I am getting very tired of using Symantec products!

I still don't have a solution for
1. Updating Backup Exec using Live Upadte
2. Backing up the server using Backup Exec.

That's it! Next time, I'll tell my clients to get Arc Serve or another product. I am tired of wasting unpaid hours trying to fix Symantec's !@#$% software


You have to remember that

You have to remember that this is a user driven support forum.  If you need a definitie answer from Symantec you will need to open a case.  While some Symantec employees look at the forums, if nobody here has been able to help you will need to call into support.

I can add some info to

I can add some info to this.

When Backup Exec first started to work with LiveUpdate we ran into a problem where customers didn't want Backup Exec to be updated whevener  Symantec Anti-Virus (or SEp) was - so we had to implement a mechanism that allows Backup Exec to use LiveUpdate without being registered for automatic updates.

This mechanuism means if you run LievUpdate from LUALL.EXE it won't show you Backup Exec at all but if you run LiveUpdate from inside the Backup Exec Console (Tools Menu) it will show you Backup Exec. You can change this behaviour. There is a command line tool in the Backup Exec programs folder called BEUPDATEops.exe  that has options to optin or optout.or register BE or unregister BE - run thsi command with /? on the end to see the options.

Right one Colin :):):)

Right one Colin :):):)

Colin, thanks for the

Colin, thanks for the info.

So does this mean that if I do a BEUPDATEops.exe  - OptIn, then even though I am still getting a "no products registered" when I run LU from inside BE, that BE will be updated properly if I run the standalone luall.exe?

How to make LiveUpdate work with BE V12.5 on Windows 2008 server

Hi all,

For those that have stumbled upon this thread, here is the answer.

I called Symantec Tech Support today. The solution was simple...

In Windows 2008, go to Control Panel > User Accounts & Turn User Account Control OFF. Reboot the server ... et voila! Liveupdate works again...!!! It found Backup Exec and downloaded Service Pack 3.

Aaaaargh! How can Symantec write a product that requires the user to lower its security?

Anyway, I finished my ranting.

Good luck to all