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Loading Media is slow

Level 3


we are using BE16 with Deduplication Option. Since a few weeks I see that jobs need longer than before. Most time is spent with "Loading Media" or it is queued befor it starts for minutes.

For Example there is a sql protocol backup every hour. This job finished after 45 Seconds but now it needs up to 3 minutes. The job is queued most of time.

Another example is Enterprise Vault. There are 13 media necessary and a lot of time the job state is "loading media". The job is extended from 20 Minutes up to 2 hours! It takes 5 to 10 minutes to load the media from dedup.

No changes have been made. RAM and CPU are fine, space is available.

Is there a hint so solve that? Thanks


Level 4

One thing is to make sure the Deduplication Storage Location is excluded from any anti-virus scanning. Are multiple backup jobs running at the same time  to the  Deduplication device?

You can also look in the system event viewer to make sure there aren't any Non BE events that could be causing it (i.e. disk or network IO issues).




The exclusions for Anti Virus are set. There are no errors in the event log. And this job is the only one, I configured the time slots in that way.


double checked AV Exclusions and found a configuration mistake. Jobs are runing fine now since I repaired that.

Hello MuenzRalf,

I have the same issue with 20.6 which has just 'randomly' started.

Hope you see this, could you advise what your configuration mistake was you found?  I've been through our AV and cannot see anything untoward.

Many thanks


Double check that the AV Exclusions are correct. This was the problem in my case.