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Login try on SQL Server

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Hi all;

I'm a Database Administrator and a partner member of my team have been installed a backup exec agent (not client only agent) and the user of service of Backup Exec Agent is trying to Logon in Database, so, in Database server instânce I don't have this user for security insures and corporate politics. This try of Logon is generating a Logerror in SQL Server with a Faill Logon, and this problem will impact in audity security.

How can I configure Backup Exec to do not try connect in SQL Server instance?

Backup Exec Version: 2010 R3

Media Server: 13 Rev. 5204 (64Bit)

Admin Console: 13 Rev. 5204 (64Bit)

Windows 2003 R2 64Bit SP2

SQL Server 2005 64Bit SP4 Std.

*sorry for my bad english.


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BE will only try to access a SQL instance if it is trying to back it up.  You said that you are getting login errors, this means that the job(s) must be failing.  Ask your BE administrator to check his jobs and see which ones are trying to either backup/restore the SQL instance that you are concerned with.  Once the job(s) are identified, he should deselect the SQL instance.  Once the instance is deselected, you should not get the login error.

You don't have to backup the BACKUPEXEC instance.  This is the BEDB and it is backed up by BE daily as part of its maintenance routine.