Logon Account Failed to access Exchange mail boxes

Hi Everyone,

What are the steps to backup Exchange mail boxes?

I'm running Backup exec 10d and Exchange Server 2003.

I get the following error:

Logon Account "domain\veritas"Failed to access "mail\ Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes"

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Re: Logon Account Failed to access Exchange mail boxes


Please create a new account with the following steps:

1. create a new account on the exchange server

2. make this account part of domain admin and local administrators group

3. create a mail box account for this user

4. the mailbox should be unique
Please check the technote below for more information:

5. create a microsoft outlook profile for this user, Verify that you can send and receive mails from this account

6. Verify that this account is not hidden.
Please see the technote below for more information

7. From exchange system manager give this account "exchange full administrator rights" at site level

8. Now go to Backup Exec-network logon accounts-create a new account

9. when you go to backup-when it asks you to select an account to backup mailboxes please select this account

In addition please see the technotes below for more information:



If you have any issues please revert.


Re: Logon Account Failed to access Exchange mail boxes

There are now at least 6 people who've posted on the forum with the exact same problem, including me. I changed nothing other than installing 10d service pack 2. The evening after the service pack was installed the Exchange Mailbox backup started failing w/ access denied errors.

Has Symantec verified this isn't a problem w/ the service pack?