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Lost encryption key!

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Hi. I'm really hoping someone has a solution for me other than just remembering the encryption key because that's not going to happen. The encryption key was setup by the old admin who has no idea what he was doing. He named the key "backup key" but has no idea if it was 128 or 256 bit and doesn't have the foggiest idea what he made it. He doesn't even remember setting it up!

I HAVE to decrypt this data. The RAID array failed so there's no way to get the old key back from it, either. I opened a case with Veritas and they said, in no uncertain terms, they do NO type of decryption of data on these types of cases. They told me to remember the key! Has anyone else faced this and resolved it? I've seen one company online that says they can decrypt the data for me if I pay a large sum and mail them the tape so that's probably the route I'll have to take. 

I'm hoping someone else have faced this issue and resolved it and can give me some ideas here. This company has lost everything due to incompetence so I really would like a WIN here. :)  Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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the documentation provided via the Admin Guide and any TNs around the encryption and decryption of backup sets all states that if the public key is lost, the data is not recoverable.


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It's worth trying to creat 2 keys with one with 128 and second 256 bit encry, give it the same Pass phrases as for lost key. Here I am assuming the software encryption was used and rectrected option was not selected in lost key. Try both keys one of them should work if Pass phrases was same.

Links you may check as well : 

Let us know how that works.