Lotus Domino Databases are Missing from Selection List

I am running BE 2014, 14.1 Rev 1786 - 64Bit.


I have a Windows Server 2008R2, running Lotus Notes 8.5.


Today I went to restore a mail file (.nsf) and found that it, along with most of my other mail files were not backed up on the tape I was using.  I'm not sure how long this goes back as I'm still investigating this.  

When looking at the selection list, the entire /Data/Mail directory is selected under the Lotus Domino option in the selection list, but when you browse into it, only recently created NSF files are listed.  


I was able to resolve the issue by following TECH165059 but this apparently does not resolve this issue from occuring again.  

This is a massive issue - how can I ever trust Symantec to backup all of my Domino databases without manually checking to ensure each one is present on the tape (this is not an acceptable solution)?  

To make this even more of a concern... Symantec has known of this issue at least as far back as version 2012, if not more.  I'm running 2014 so the issue was known but not resolved during a major update.

To reiterate, Backup Exec has 1 job, and it failed at that 1 job but conitnued to claim that it was actually doing that 1 job.  What can I put into place so that I can trust the system?  Is this resolved in BE15?


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Are you using the Agent for

Are you using the Agent for Applications and Database (Domino Agent)? Note this is an additional license requirement.




Are you just expecting to backup databases via the file system (drive letter selection)


We automatically exclude files that should be backed up by specific mechanisms, such as the database agent, from file system (drive letter) selections. This is a process known as Active File Exclusion - this can be disabled but you cannot select what to disable it against, so if you disable it, you could then backup a lot of items that you do not need. Also if you disable it against databases you may be backing up in an inconsistent state which could then give problems after a restore.

Note: a related process also excludes files that do not need backing up at all such as swap files etc.


BTW If you are using a Domino version higher than 9.0.0 that Backup Exec does not officially support you currently.




Check that you are using

Check that you are using Domino 8.5.3 or less. From experience, BE is very sensitive in terms of the version of Domino that it support

We are using Domino 8.5.3

We are using Domino 8.5.3 FP6.

We are licensed for, and using the Domino agent, and the DBs are selected through the "Lotus Domino Databases" portion of the selection list - not the regular file system list.  


As an aside, Lotus Notes 9 is 2.5 years old, and it's not supported yet?  


BE 15 supports Domino 9.0.0

BE 15 supports Domino 9.0.0

Ok so this might need a

Ok so this might need a formal support case for a deeper investigation.


TECH165059 was actually witten for much older versions of Backup Exec so the condition may not apply  to the version you are running and might mean whilst your issue looks the same as the information in the article that the cause is actually something else.


In checking my Fulls for this

In checking my Fulls for this weekend, it happened again.  I'll get a call logged either today or tomorrow.


Thanks Colin,



Re: Lotus Domino Databases are Missing from Selection List

Hello, I am new to this site, Jonathan can the Domino server be shutdown during off-hours for backup?  If yes, rather than editing the registry try this in the pre field of the job definition.  C:\Lotus\Domino\nserver.exe -q , then enter the following into the post field C:\Lotus\Domino\nserver.exe.  (you might have to search for the location of nserver.exe on your server)  This is the only sure fire way to release the file locks for backup.