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Lotus Notes 8.5.2 backup using Backup exec 2010 R3 failing with error 0xe00084b8 - An error occurred during backup. Some nsf files were skipped


Here is our scenario

BE 2010 R3 on Windows 2008 R2 64 bit

Lotus 8.5.2 FP2 on windows 2008 R2 64 bit

We are having Lotus note Internal Replication going between all our location .

While taking Backup of Lotus Database it fails immediately with above error. After flushing DBchace we fired the backup at that time we were able to take backup of aroung 36 GB then backup failed with the above error where some of the .nsf file are getting Skipped saying that those file are used by some another process.

Waiting for positive response.


Thanks & Regards

Mitt Gori

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Hi Mitt,   Are you using the

Hi Mitt,


Are you using the Lotus Notes agent? If not, then you're hitting BE's Active File Exclusion...*.nsf files will be automatically excluded from a backup. The only way around this without using an agent is to stop Lotus Notes and then back up the flat files.

If you are using the agent, then make sure your media server is patched with any available patches, and push these out to your remote servers.

Post back with an update.



If you are not using the

If you are not using the Domino Agent and want to backup the Domino databases, then you need to turn off AFE first.  See the document below

Before you run your backup, you have to stop the Domino service.  Otherwise, when you restore your Domino databases, you might find that they are corrupt and unusable.


If you are using the Domino Agent, then you should select the Domino databases in the Domino Databases section of the selection list and not under C: drive.

Even when you use the Domino Agent, you might still encounter databases skipped.  This is normally due to a corrupt database or the database is being compacted or being fixed during the backup.  Make sure that there are no Domino housekeeping jobs like compaction or fix running during the time of the backup.

Hi All,   Thanks for reply,

Hi All,


Thanks for reply, we are using Lotus agent for backup. We have already done the AFE still we are getting the same issue.



Mitt Gori

We have already done the

We have already done the AFE

Meaning what?  You turn off AFE?  Since you have the Domino agent, you should not turn off AFE,  If you do so, you would be backing up the .nsf files twice.  Once under the Domino databases section and another under the C: drive selection, unless you specifically exclude them.

Have you checked that there are no Domino housekeeping jobs running during the backup?

You mentioned replication.  Is replication running when the backup is being done?  If so, you should stop all replication during this time.