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MAC OS incremental backup

Hi everybody, I'm having some problems with backup of files stored on a MAC OS X server.

The MAC OS X server have the RAMS agent installed properly and, infact, I can see the server entry in "Favorite Resources / Macintosh Systems"

The full backup (using modified time) is working fine. I can get the full backup off every file I need

The problem is about the differential (or incremental) backup using modified time. With this solution, the system does not backup copied/moved files with modified date in the past (for example older files that are copied in the target folder - these files maintain their original modification date). Is there a workaround for this issue?


I'm using Backup Exec 2010 R3 Rev 5204 64bit while the MAC OS system is 10.7.2.

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This applies to RAMS as well

This applies to RAMS as well -

Is symantec joking?

That's out of sense...I have to backup 500GB of files ...How can I run a full backup every time someone copies a new file in a target folder? When I've finished to backup the entire system, I have to restart the job because there is a new file... ...that's ridiculous...

It's the same to say that remote agent is not supported on linux/unix/mac system ...if you need incremental/differential backup...but symantec seems prefer to omit this part...

There is nothing much that

There is nothing much that Symantec can do about the situation, ridiculous as it may seems.  You got to understand how differential/incremental backup using the modified time method works.  When you take a full backup using modified time, a timestamp is written to the BEDB.  When you do a differential backup, the modified time of the file is compared against this timestamp, if the modified time is newer then the file is backed up.  So, if your file has a modified time OLDER than this timestamp, it would not be backed up.  There is no way around this problem, except to do a full backup and backup every file.

Sure...the BE engine scan all

Sure...the BE engine scan all files not by their name but checking only the modified date ... Surely this method is faster but loses some files that need to be backed up ... I think the engine should also check if the file is a new entry in the BEDB and, in that case, backup the file ignoring the modified date (this only happens on copied files, because renamed files involve the change of the date)

The name of each file that is

The name of each file that is backed up is kept in the catalog and not the BEDB.  This list can be quite voluminuous.  As it is, an incremental/differential backup can be longer than a full backup.  What you are proposing will further increase the backup time for a differential/full backup which is not desirable.

BE is geared towards a Windows environment and thus there will not be much cases like yours.