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MAC agents remote install in 11d error

Level 3
I am trying to install a remote agent on a MAC system and get the error message
VXIF_HOME is invalid, it must point to the root of VxIF. I did the install using the instructions from the Administrators Guide. Any suggestions?

Level 6
Hi Damin,

In all cases we've seen, this occurs from either not extracting the files properly, or the package being corrupt.

I would recommend the following:
1. Make sure you're going to a terminal session and running the following command to extract the package: tar -xvf
2. Retry the install after using that method of extracting the files. If this is still occurring, then download the Mac agent from the following location and retry:
This is actually the link for the RALUS agent and the steps to get it from our FileConnect site, but the Mac agent is in the same packaged file.