MSL4048 Tape Library - Tape Alert Flag: 0x04, 4

Hello community,

I have a misbehaving Tape Library (HP Storever MSL4048 aka MSL G3 Series) running on latest firmware - 8.60 / 3.20e with BackupExec 2010.
Recently, our tape library has been showing a status of 'Media Attention' (clickable link in the console) that when clicked shows a flurry of red slots/tapes (LTO5). When expanding the magazine details, I can see the tapes a status of 'Media Error'.
The first thing I did was remove all the reportedly bad tapes, let the library rescan, inserted the reportedly bad tapes back in and performed another rescan. The errors had gone, the inventory task in BEXEC worked and all was fine. Hours later the same thing occurred but this time, it was reporting more media with errors. The confusing part was that some of the bad tapes it originally reported were OK, some of the originally reported bad tapes were in error and tapes that originally did not have the error were now reporting 'Media Error'.
Having dug further in the tape library logs, I saw a crap load of:
14.09.01 16:59:18.63  Event - Drive Warn or Crit Tape Alert flag 
     Event Code: 0x84 - tape alert 
     Element number: 0x0E, 14
     Drive number: 0x02, 2
     Tape Alert Flag: 0x04, 4
There were also some other logs reported but not as many as the one above:
14.09.01 20:19:41.24  Libctrl task Error - ME: invalid cartridge
     Return status: 0x80 - command failed
     Global error code: 0x63 - ME: invalid cartridge
     Task originator: 0x00 - Libctrl task
     Extender library specifier: 0x00 - master library
     Source element type.: 0x04 - tape drive
     Element number: 0x02, 2
I decided to remove all the tapes from the library and inserted a fresh new batch of LTO5s - guess what? Same error.
Everything was working fine up until last week. I believe the tapes are also fine because we have another library robot that I loaded all the reportedly bad media/tapes into and they were accepted and used as normal.
The only thing that sticks out is a faulty robot? However, before I jump the gun, I would be grateful if you could offer your opinion of this or let me know if you have come across this error before and how you managed to resolve it.
I have attached 4 screenys showing the errrors.
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I would first recommend to

I would first recommend to run vendor diagnostics against the 2nd tape drive. If using HP tape drive, use the HP Library & Tape tools.

And have you tried cleaning the 2nd tape drive as well ?


Hi,   The 2nd tape drive


The 2nd tape drive reporting an error is a red herring as its normally working fine. Even when Tape Drive 2 is reporting a normal state (not red), the tape cartridge slots are still red and showing media errors.
I dont think the issue is the 2nd drive but I will run the diags as you have suggested. I am 100% sure I can get rid of the error associated with the acutal drive but am unable to do the same with cartridges.

Managed to get the error away

Managed to get the error away from Drive 2 and now we have the following new error:

Attached a screeny

All these point to hardware

All these point to hardware problems with the library. You should contact HP to sort out these problems

...that points to the

...that points to the robotics being faulty, which means a replacement of the actual chassis of the MSL...



Hello, I think that it's been


I think that it's been a long time since you found a solution for your problem, or at least partly i think.

I am facing the same warnings:

14.09.01 16:59:18.63  Event - Drive Warn or Crit Tape Alert flag 
     Event Code: 0x84 - tape alert 
     Element number: 0x0E, 14
     Drive number: 0x02, 2
     Tape Alert Flag: 0x04, 4
I just would like to ask about the solution for these repetitive alert messages.
Thank you in advance.

Re: MSL4048 Tape Library - Tape Alert Flag: 0x04, 4

I've see this same problem with Dell librarys and HP librarys.  If you have a tape that's labeled bad in the library web interface, (again from the web interface), move the tape to a drive then back to a different slot in the library. If the problem is still there then it's the tape if not my .02c is you have a "Stickey" slot.

I've never gotten a fix suggestion from HP but Dell tech recomends that I, you, whomever, take the tray out and remove & re-insert a tape into it 10 or so times to smooth out any lip's or rough spot's that may have formed on the slot.


Hope this helps.