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Mailbox restore selections not showing for some backups

Level 4
I was attempting to restore indiviual mailbox items for a user.  yesterday I successfully restored the items from Friday nights backup.  Today I went to restore some more info for another user, and now when I try to drill down in the mailboxes I cannot see anything.  I cannot even see the Mailbox store.  BUT I can see the public store.

If I go back a day or so I can see the mailboxes. SOMETIMES!!

If I select the Public store then select the Mailbox store I receive an error
(Backup Exec Catalog Driver) (One or more messages were skipped because MAPI failed to enumerate the messages.  Review the job log for more info)

Exchange 2003

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Hi Brentwood,

Have you looked at upgrading the service pack on your media server's BEWS first, and then trying this again? If not, I'd suggest doing this first.
What happens when you duplicate the backup to disk before restoring from there? Might be some sort of limitation when restoring from tape.


Level 6
 Not only do you have to install the service packs, and hot fixes, but also re-push the agent to your servers...

The duplicate to disk idea usually fixes it temporarily.  But the patches are what is need to fix the issue.

Of course if you always backup exchange to disk first, then do a policy to duplicate to tape....  'm just saying....

Level 4
I updated to SP3.

I am duplicating the Friday backup set to disk and still cant select even the info store.
Now the backup from friday night had an error when backing up to disk (e00084af - The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed.), but on Monday I was able to restore mailboxes. 

I also cannot restore Thursday night, that backup ran 100%, and was NOT duplicated to tape.
I am duplicating the thursday backup to disk and will see if I can select mailboxes after that.

I will re-push the agaents, but I dont have an issue backing up the email servers.