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Mailboxes are not enumerated within Restore Screen for Backup Exec

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I have BackupExec installed across 14 different Windows / Exchange servers. I noticed at one of my servers, I could not see the mailboxes for a restore - of a supposedly successful GRT backup. I checked the other 13 servers, I found that this was true 3 others as well (total of 4).

On the server for this discussion, I verified the permissions of the System Logon for Backup Exec - at Exchange and Windows Server, I verified all settings, roles, permissions, etc.. I even created a seperate backup to isolate the Exchange Server 2013 backup. The logs all say success, all say that the GRT is chosen, etc. But the "Catalog" mechanism for restore, does not show the mailboxes - though it allows me to go into that screen - which should be some kind of indicator that Backup Exec sees a "flag" for availability to restore(?).

Is it possible that the problem is with the Catalog mechanism or database for Backup Exec? On the other 3 servers, I'm running BE version 15 (on all of them). Same issue. Does this feature use a MAPI  DLL that may be incompatible?