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Make Some Noise for Backup Exec 16

Make Some Noise for Backup Exec 16


On 7th of November Veritas Released Backup Exec 16 and with that comes some interesting feature which I would like to share with you guys.

  1. BE16 support for Window Server 2016: Backup Exec has always supported the latest and greatest from Microsoft and BE16 is no different. It fully supports Server 2016 whether it is physical or virtual. Server 2016 comes with some great features such as Nano Server, Containers, Hot add resources to Vms, Nested virtualization and it is a matter of time that people will eventually upgrade and BE16 fully protects that.
  2. Simplified Disaster Recovery(SDR:( Not very commonly talked about feature is the SDR technology which is fully supported for Server2016 which allows you to create fully functional Simplified disaster Recovery Disc with which you can do BMR or Bare Metal Recovery for similar or dissimilar HW. And guess what it is included with all the Licensing models of BE16
  3. Azure Cloud connector: Another great add on in BE16 and lots of customers were asking for it. It allows them to move the data from on premise to cloud directly or commonly called D2C or by D2D2C which is backing up to disk on premise and then moving to cloud.

                                                                                            BE already had cloud connector for Amazon & Google and with Azure I think it fills the gap.

  1. Instant Recovery: IR of VMs running on Hyper V & VMware is the feature which was part of FP5 and is pretty new and would like to talk about. It allows Admins to spin that VM directly from the storage and in case something happens to Production Server can move them using Hyper V Live migration or Storage Motion to the Primary Storage which greatly reduces the downtime.

                        Another benefit is to allow testing of patches and application for the purpose of Development & Testing and to verify the Backup for the Compliance team

Check the link for BE16 - Support for Server 2016: