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Making Incremental Backup using full backup Log only

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Hi Guys,

I was just wondering if I can create an Incremental backup using the log of a full backup rather than making the full backup itself. I have a NAS drive with about 20-30 Tb of data on it (we are a music / video company) and did a one time full backup of it about a couple of months ago. I did the full backup on LTO5 Tapes and had to do it in stages as the 24 tapes in the library would fill up before the backup would end. 

I now want to schedule an Incremental backup but don't want to go through doing a full backup again (Not that I don't want to do it but I don't require a 20-30 tape full backup again). So i was wondering if we can schedule an Incremental Backup that would reference to the one time backup log and do the incremental as of there. Is that possible you reckon? Does BAckup Exec refers to the real backup files or does it refer to the details in the log file to build the incremental difference?



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Haven't seen this functionality within BE at all. It would need a baseline and a proper FULL backup would be it, not the Onetime Backup.

BE will refer to the FULL job you run now for the INCR that follows.​



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Backup Exec would refer to the modified time / archive bit of the source data and it would need the Full backup which is part of the same backup definition.

What you are asking for is possible via a licensed option (Enterprise Server Option) which provides this feature - Synthetic backups -

Synthetic backups sounds like what you need, however this will not use the previous full backup since it wasn't configured that way. But maybe a feasible option for the next backups. Thanks.