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Making a Tape Permanent


Let's suppose I have a full backup on one tape that is 'Overwrite Protected' only one month... What if I would like to keep it as historical tape, meaning I don't want to overwrite it... instead, I want to take it out from my library and store in our safe box? How can I do that?

Thank you..!

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Re: Making a Tape Permanent

Create a Media Set with Overwrite Protection of Infinite (call it Archived Files for example) , then drag the volume to this media set

Re: Making a Tape Permanent

Good..! Thank you..!

... but how should I set the 'Append Period' in order to have nothing more added to the tape?


Re: Making a Tape Permanent

Open the properties of the Media set and define the append period as 0 there. the same place as overwriter protection period

Re: Making a Tape Permanent


I supposed that, but wanted to be sure...

Thank you...!