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Manually remove BE2012


Some background:

I have a SBS 2011 server that was having some issues (that have been resolved) so I needed to uninstall Backup Exec 2012. That went fine and the server issues were fixed. Then I went to re-install BE2012 and when I rebooted the server blue screened. So to restart the server I had to use "last known good".

That brought the server up but (naturally) not BE. so I attempted an unstall via Programs & Features, that did not work. I tried to reinstall, that did not work, failed on SQL. I tried to manually remove SQL but that did not work.

So, now I have a box that works fine but I cannot re-install BE2012 and cannot remove what is left over.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


version: BEx64=14.0.1798.17a.HF1c

Standard default install options.


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Check the link below...might

Check the link below...might be for a previous version, but it is worth a shot...


Have a try @

Have a try @

Double check to remove

Double check to remove registry key which is mention in article.

It should definitely successfull uninstall of backup exec.