Media Error Alerts in BE 2010 R3

We are running Backup Exec 2010 R3 on a Windows Server 2008 x64 platform.  Our primary backup media are removeable SATA Hard Drives in a USB dock.

Each time we power off the USB dock to change the Hard Drive the system generates a Critical Media Error noting that the backup-to-disk device is offline.

I have looked at the Error-Handling Rules and Alert Categories options on the Tools menu to see if there is a way to either disable these alerts or to have the system auto-clear them. I don't see a way to auto-clear them.

Each of our 40+ removeable hard disks has a different device name, so when the software is started up, after a system reboot, BE generates an offline error for each of the devices.

I need some help in how to keep these errors from showing up.

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Hi, check out this discussion


check out this discussion and the solution provided by pkh


Basically the discussion was

Basically the discussion was about something else and the person indicated they also wanted to turn of the alert messages. No real reply as to how to do that, so that discussion doesn't apply here.



Has this worked in the past?

Has this worked in the past?  Are these configured as Removeable Backup to Disk devices?


There is no way to avoid

There is no way to avoid these messages as they are needed to alert users who are not aware that their disk storage is offline and as such might gotten a job failure.

You can either ignore these alerts or use the BEMCLI cmdlets, Get-BEAlert and Clear-BEAlert to clear them.