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Media Tape Library with LTO7 and LTO8

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Hello everyone,

Recently we purchased a new Tape drive LTO8 and placed it into the Tape Library with an LTO7 drive already in it. I have tested running properly as all the backup jobs we have set are using this Tape Library and with the LTO7. 

I am planning to setup the backup job task of Monthly backup using this LTO8. So I have changed the Storage from LTO7 with the original media set, into the new Storage, which is the LTO8 and with the Media set named "Monthly Backup LTO8". 

Besides that, what other procedure that I need to do to make it work that Daily / Weekly backup will be taken place on LTO7, but just the monthly backup on LTO8.

Thanks in advance.




Based on your description I think you done everything; happy for others to comment if there is anything else required.
- Target the jobs to the individual tape drive as per your requirement and not the library
- Use a specific media set

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If you have not already done so, you need to use tape labels and then implement tape label rules to ensure that LTO8 tapes are not fed into the LTO7 drive for read and write..  This is the minimum rule.  You can implement other rules to prevent the mixing and matching of tapes and tape drives. For more details on tape label rules, read the Admin Guide.