Media and Devices - 12.5

I changed the capacity of the media files from 4 gig to 2 gig.  The backups (to disk) ran great until  I received a Storage device error on a request to write data.  I did a test run on the backup and it failed the capacity check.  I wasn't sure what to do, so I increased the media files back to 4 gig.  The test ran fine and the proceeding backup ran without error.

I'm new to this, but I thought that the backup job would automatically create new media files.  If not, how do I create new backup media?

Thank you.

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By default the B2D file size

By default the B2D file size is 4GB. Now you may change the file as per the amount of data being

backed up, if you are taking backup of 100GB set the B2D file size around 20GB so Backup Exec

will create 5 .bkf files each of 20GB's.

BE should create new .bkf

BE should create new .bkf when required, but the failure could be due do some other limitations, like lack of disk space, etc.  Do post the exact error message that you get after you reduce the size of the .bkf files.

A test run does not show up all the errors.  It is always better to do an actual run.


Also run the B2Dtest.exe tool to check if your b2d device is supported correctly: