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Media capacity issue

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We're on Backup Exec 9.1and despite having all known settings set to allow hardware and software compression, our backup reaches around 29GB (around 99% complete) then asks us to insert new media. We're using Travan 40GB tapes. Any help would be appreciated.

Level 6
As I understand the Travan 40GB tape is 40GB compressed and 20GB uncompressed, so it all depends on the type of data you want to backup. (the less this data can be compressed the more space it will take on your tape) What is the total amount of data your are trying to backup ? How much compression BE reports (hardware or software) ? If you use a new, or erased, tape does the data then fit onto the tape ? What drivers you are using (manufacturer or Veritas) and makes it a difference when you change this ?

A van der Boom