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Media is not allocated/changed automatically after job runs Backup Exec 2010


I am have some problems with backup jobs.

1. I have some medias avaliable to write.

2. My jobs are schedule to runs every night (Daily).

3. After the job runs, this currently media is not moved or allocated automatically to another location (for the Drive become available to another job).

4. In the next day, the job does not run correctly because the media is protected to overwritten. For the job works weel, I need to move a media available to write manually.

5. The follow message appers: "Please insert the overwritable media into the drive".

Nowadays, I need to move this medias manually everyday during the working time.

I need to learn configure the job or the Backup Exec to allocated all medias automatically, without human being intervention.

I am looking for this solution about three weeks (foruns, documentation, links, etc), and now we are trying to avoid problems with our backup.


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Do you have a tape library

Do you have a tape library and is Backup Exec detecting the tape library with it's drives and storage slots or is Backup Exec only seeing the drives?

The library, drives and slots should all be accessible (and individually seen)  within the Storage section in the admin console if it is working correctly







Collin, First of all, thank


First of all, thank you for your help.

The Backup Exec only see the name of those medias. However the cant see the slots or the right position of all media in Tape Library.

We work Stand Alone.

Please see the attach.

Diario = daily

Semana = Weekly

The problem is: Backp Exec does not changed the media automatically after the end of job.

Did you understand ?

Do youi have any idea ?







If you use a stand-alone

If you use a stand-alone drive and not a tape library, then the tape has no physical location (slots) to move to after the backup job completes.

You can either set the media sets properties (append and overwrite protection) appropriately such that the backup continues on that tape or one has to eject the tape and insert a new one.


For stand-alone tape drive,

For stand-alone tape drive, the tape will be ejected when the tape is full and you week get that alert to insert an overwritable tape. You then need to insert an overwritable tape into the tape drive and respond o.k. to the alert. To maximise the space that your job can use. You should specify overwrite for the first job in the backup cycle