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Media replacement policy - how to

Level 3
Hi all,
I need to develop a policy for media replacement (tapes) including frequency. In order to comply with the policy I need to run reports against all my media on a regular basis to show that my tapes are in compliance with the policy (once a month).
I looked at available reports and could not see anything similar to what I need.
I might need to develop some sort of custom report that will run once a month and show me all media that is older than 5 years, was used more than 50 times, had number or software errors or had any hardware errors. Am I on the right track?
How can I develop a custom report like this?

We are using BE 10.1 for Windows.

Thanks for all your help,
and Happy Holidays everybody!!!!

Level 6
What about the Media Set report which shows the usage of all the tapes, number of hard errors, number of mounts, amount of data written to them etc.

You could use the number of mounts as a metric, eg replace the tape after it has been mounted 50 times, though I'd also say that if the tape has been used less times than that but you are receiving hardware errors then it should also be replaced (note that software errors can be caused by various things so aren't very helpful as a useful metric).

Level 6

Is the issue resolved?


Level 3
thanks again.