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Hi Guy's,

We have BE 15 on a server 2008R2 that is connected to a Tape library. currently  the MEdia server and all of de servers are on the same subnet and switchs. Because we have a larg amount of data that gets backup ( a total of 10 TB) we would like to put the backup on a different subnet and switchs. Most of the servers have multi NICs, so what I would like to do is to put a new switch in the network and connect each of the servers that have an agent to the new switch and also connect the media server with one of its extra nic's to this switch and run the backup jobs and restore jobs.

question is remaing is how to tell the media server from now use the new nic and IP address for backup. I understood that we can set this on the server side that has an Agent but how can we do this for the media server?



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Re: Media server nic

Re: Media server nic

Thanks for your reply,

I dont get any error becuse I did not yet setup the second newtork.

Currently the Media server and Tape library and other servers are connected to the subnet

I want to use subnet for media server tape library and also connect the extra NICs of other servers to the same subnet.


untill now the media server use to run the jobs how can we tell the media server to use the new subnet to run the jobs?