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Microsoft IScsi initiator failed to connect to Synology DS418 during Backup with Backup Exec 2010

Level 2


We have a windows server that is connected to a Synology DS418 NAS via LUN with the correct name, it is connected.The Nas have IP Number on the network.

When we read the Backup Exec 2010 Log we see that the backup failed because the Window server is disconnected to the NAS, we see the disconnection from the ISCSI in Control Panel from Windows.If we tray to connect again it connect but is too late for the backup operation that has been failed.

I have heard about a B2Dtest.exe, if are there solutions for this i will appreciate.

Let me know what is possible to do.

Kind Regards



Level 6

If Windows Server OS is having trouble connecting, and staying connected, to your iSCSI backup target, then those connection issues will need to be resolved before Backup Exec will work reliably.

You can read more about the B2Dtest tool at

Before made the test i would like to say you that the it seems that the problem after server reboot and this is the situation i find.

Kind Regards