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Microsoft SQL Backup

Please excuse me if I am missing something but is there any documentation on how to backup SQL2012 database ?? I have look through the admin manual but cant seem to find it anywhere ? I believe that in addition to my full daily backup I have to set up a second one that just backs up the SQL databases but would like to look at some documentation first. I already have the applications and databases add on installed as well.
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A second backup job (in

A second backup job (in addition to the full backup) is needed if you intend on making differential backups or transaction log backups.

Have a look @ the best practices for agent for sql as well -

Hello there,     You just

Hello there,

    You just need to create a new job and select the SQL databases to be backed up through the Microsoft SQL Instance node in the job selection list. You can also add the same in your daily backup. : Best practices for Backup Exec 2012 Agent for Microsoft SQL Server




Hi,   The Admin Guide is



The Admin Guide is going to have all you need to know around setting up and running backups of SQL.

Here's the Best Practices too: