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Microsoft patch KB4505050 - Broken Inventory and Catalog

After applying KB4505050 Catalog and Inventory functions does not work anymore, so can do backups but cannot restore tapes. No tape label info.

was on 20.1 then update to 20.4 but haven't fixed.

Someone with same issue?

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Re: Microsoft patch KB4505050 - Broken Inventory and Catalog

Your screenshots show a successful inventory job.  What is not working?

KB4505050 appears to be an update for Internet Exploer, which is used to render jobs logs, so maybe this is just a cosmetic problem with the job log?  Have you tried uninstalling KB4505050?

You may need to invoke tracer.exe or open a support case to see what is happening internally.  MS updates should not break things.

Troubleshooting hardware with Backup Exec for Windows Servers using the SCSI Trace Utility (tracer.exe).