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Migrate BE database to different OS with different Computer name

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we are using BE 15 on Win Server 2008 R2 SP1.

we are upgarding to a new server that will run Win Server 2012 R2 - and that will have a diffent Computer Name than the old server.

We will maintain the same version of BE on both servers.

I saw alot of KB articles regarding it - each one offers diffrent method.

can you point to the one that is relevant to my scenario?



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i have found this KB article:

seems like this one is updated to BE 15.

it says:

If Copy Database is used to copy the Backup Exec database to a computer with a different computer name, some database data will be lost.

hmmmm.... should i just test it and see what happens? what data will be lost? backup job? media sets?



Anyone can help??

Happy Holiday!



Hi There,

Hopefully I can help. I wrote a blog on this some time ago and you can find it here:

Backup Exec uses its database to store information in for jobs, configuration, catalog index and much more. Some of this information has computer names associated with it, so when you move to a new machine, the services have little information on what the previous server name was, and therefore, that can cause information to get lost when records are updated in our database tables. As such, we recommend that you keep the same machine name when moving from old to new servers. If you do so then everything will work. If you change the machine name we know of issues where you might see odd selection behavior in the UI when browsing, or worse even, Data Lifecycle Maintenance (DLM) issues as a result. If you keep the same machine name, then everything just works.

Hope that helps,