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Missed Duplicate Jobs

Level 2

Hi guys

Probably a daft question but I was wondering of anyone could clear it up for me please?

We have scheduled month ends to virtual tape and then a cooresponding duplicate that is triggered on completion of the month end that then writes that data to physical tape.

If the triggered duplicate job misses due to lack of tapes but this fact is not spotted and another month end runs, would any subsequent duplicate just write the most recent month end backup set to tape? Or could you run the missed duplicate and that would write the corresponding month end duplicate to tape?

Feb month end runs > triggers duplicate (this misses)

Mar monthe end runs > triggers duplicate (this works)

If I run the Feb duplicate from the job history will it write the Feb monthe end set or the March one?

Hopefully that makes sense?

Any help much appreciated!




Level 4

This is a good question. From your example, if you re-run the missed duplicate job from February it will duplicate the February month end set and not the March month end set. That specific job that you are re-trying has a specific set of selections that it's tied that are static.