Missing Files in Backup

We are using Symantec Backup Exec 11d for Windows Server 11.0 (Rev. 7170) to perform full backup for our Windows SBS 2003 server daily. But I discovered that files such as "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Server\MSSQL$SHAREPOINT\Data\STS_SERVERNAME_1.mdf", "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Server\MSSQL$SHAREPOINT\Data\STS_SERVERNAME_1_log.LDF" and "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Server\MSSQL$SHAREPOINT\Data\STS_Config.mdf" are not in the backup. As a result I can't restore those files. But I'm very sure that I did a full backup (selecting all the drives...). Why is it so? What can I do to include these files in the backup?
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No one knows...

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Those files aren't included in the backup because they're SQL files, are excluded by default, and if they weren't excluded, they would almost certainly be locked anyway.