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Mixing host based and agent based GRT virtual exchange 2013 backups

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I have one question can I run a nightly full backup of our virtual exchange 2013 using virtual machine application GRT from the hyper-v host then run multiple agent based (Treating the virtual exchange like a physical server) GRT incremental backups of the database during the day.

The reason I am asking this is based on the following statics

Exchange 2010 on physical server database size 150GB

Agent based GRT incremental backup of just the database time 15 minutes

Virtual Exchange 2013 database size 7GB and growing

Host based backup using virtual machine application GRT backup time approx 1 hour including catalog (Yes I do realize its doing an incremental of the whole virtual server not just the database)


I am currently using Backup Exec 15 for backing up the virtual exchange via the hyper-v host and Backup Exec 2012 for backing up the physical Exchange 2010.

Please no suggestions that I should look into any bottlenecks because that is not what i'm worried about all I really need to know is that a\ what i'm suggesting is possible and b\ it will not cause problems or silent failures with the exchange 2013 itself e.g logs full restores etc. I would especially like to hear from anybody that is successfully doing exactly this or a symantec/veritas engineer.