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Monitor Appliance Health & Performance 24x7

Today’s businesses require access to their information on a 24x7 basis, not to mention the ability to protect that data in the event of unplanned interruptions which leads to complexities in their IT infrastructure.

For many IT leaders, moving to Symantec appliances for their backup issues to protect data means reducing cost, complexity and operational risks in their IT environment. Symantec understands that a properly planned out data protection strategy enables customers continuous access to their information. To that end, Symantec has gone a step further to simplify, automate and enhance the support experiences for its appliance customers with its latest functionality in appliances, Symantec AutoSupport.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Symantec AutoSupport proactively identifies issues, automates support, and enables faster resolution with the aim of lowering customer’s total cost of ownership of their appliance environment. As a result, appliance downtime is minimized, product reliability and serviceability is enhanced, storage capacity planning and management is simplified, and who doesn’t want their issues resolved before the customer is aware of any problems. To find out how Symantec AutoSupport can help, check out this video

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