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NAS - Backup to Folder Question

I have three virtual servers with shares and a SAN I will be using NDMP with to backup. Can I simply make one storage folder for email and one storage folder for files and create one backup job per server with an associated schedule?

I am used to making one folder per backup job but I wanted to see if it was possible to simplify this..


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Hi,   You can create B2D



You can create B2D folders for each if you want and direct the respective backup to the respective folder. No reason why you can't do this.


The NDMP Option is there to

The NDMP Option is there to increase performance of file system backups held on a supported NDMP device. The NDMP Option is not designed to be a target devcie for Windows based data backed up using a remote agent.

Our Agents for Virtualization (Vmware and Hyper-V) are designed to perform a Virtual machine level backups and provide granular recovery of either files or e-mails from within the virtual environment. This is done in one pass so if you have e-mails and files inside one server that ity woudl all be store in one device

The agents are not designed to work with the NDMP option and vice-versa leaving you with very few backup strategies where the NDMP Option is the best choice when dealing with the backups of Virtual Servers (unless you only want DR capability)

As such I think we need to know a bit more about your environment including your desired backup strategy and required restore capabilities in order to point you in the correct direction.

Things to think about are

1) Do you want DR capability for each virtual server?

2) Do you want individual file and e-mail restore capability from within each virtual server?

3) What storage system holds the virtual servers?

4) Is your media server physical or virtual (physical is recommended due to limitations in bioth performance and writing backup data to external hardware

5) Are your virtual serers in Hyper-V or VMware


The NDMP is to backup CIFS

The NDMP is to backup CIFS from our Netapp and just a few Virtual Servers have shares we want to backup.

1) For DR we have another NetApp 7 miles away connected via 100Mbps that has asynchronous replication occuring every hour.

2) Yes

3) NetApp FAS2020 with another FAS2020 at other site (DR)

4) Currently it is virtual and residing inside the FAS2020 at production site

5) VMWare ESXi 4.1

We use Backup Exec w/ an HP D2D2503i for archival backup purposes. I simply want to use the HP D2D2503i as a NAS and create a Files share and a Email share as destination and have all data backup to those two. My concern was that data could get overwritten if i have multiple servers with different schedules writing to just those two folders, but it looks like BackUp keeps a history and organizes the data in these folders in a fashion to avoid this.