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NDMP COMMS Error on job that ran fine for over a year

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I came back from holiday to find an NDMP backup job had failed for over a week.

I have 2 NDMP servers  - 1 was still backing up ok.

Tried various things including Symantec support and eventually found the problem myself.

I used Putty to logon to each NDMP server

I then used the NDMPD STATUS  command to check that NDMP was ON

On the server that was backing up ok it returned

ndmpd status
ndmpd ON.
No ndmpd sessions active.

However on the failing server it returned many many active sessions.

Strange as there were no active backups  -  maybe Backupexec is not always closing them correctly?

So I then used the NDMPD KILLALL command to remove all the active sessions.

Went back to Backupexec server

Restarted all services

Selected / Run Now the failing job  and it now runs fine again.

I'm guessing there is a limit within NDMP to the number of active sessions and once reached,  it then refuses all further connection attempts.

Hope this helps somebody else.