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NDMP Verify, slow performance


I have a VMware VM running W2K12 with BE2014 14.1 1786 installed. It has a couple of additional drives (std vmware drive type) attached for Disk Backup Devices (not DeDupe). The NetApp NDMP data is cyclic logs, similar to Exchange logs.

I have seen a few threads on this topic re BE2010, but cant find anything for BE2014... I assuming that the NDMP agent code has been re-written since BE2010. (?)

I have recently installed the Trial version of the NDMP agent to deteremine if its fit for our purposes. The backup process itself gets a decent throughput (3000mb/s), but the verify is only running at 170mb/s. I have setup a local backup of the C drive to the same Backup Disk device and the backup throughput is 4500mb/s and the verify is 9500mb/s, so it would appear that the Backup Disk Device is functioning correctly.


My concern is not only the slow verify, but also the posts re BE2010 and NDMP suggest that the restore is even slower. I have managed to replicate this issue, the restore back to the same location is 83mb/s.

Any troubleshooting ideas would be useful?


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Try referring to the best

Try referring to the best practice documentation for the NDMP option with Backup Exec 2014:

IS your backupexec vm located

IS your backupexec vm located on the same storage as the NDMP location that you try to backup?

Is there any saturation on your virtual infrastructure or on the storage?

Thanks Laurie, I will

Thanks Laurie, I will investigate the ports and add to services. I will post the results once complete.


Jurgen, I know what you are getting at.... whether the storage is under spec'd. The VM storage infrastructure is ok, we have been running performance checks.

The Vmware storage and the NetApp storage are seperate, same subnet.

Hope y'all had a nice

Hope y'all had a nice Christmas break...
Laurie, I have investigated that link youi sent and I'm not sure its relevant.... The document refers to "%systemdrive%\drivers\etc\services"document but in Windows 2012R2, you do not have this file.
I have also confirmed that the NetApp is using default port numbers (10000).
Any other ideas?

BackupDawg, I am reaching out


I am reaching out to an internal resource to confirm the information you provided me about Server 2012 R2 and will get back to you wiht what I find out.

BackupDawg, The path you are


The path you are looking for will be as follows:


 We are working on editing the document right now, and please let me know if that helps.

I am unable to test this

I am unable to test this theory completely, but it looks like it is a NetApp issue.

If you have your NetApp filer configured to use Failover then the NDMP back is slow. I mean who would want to enable that useless feature?!

It seems that the Symantec Backup Exec NDMP option is not really suitable for production environments.

disabling controller failover (cf disable) makes NDMP restores (thus writes) proceed at 5 or more times the speed (50-100MB/s) and this is expected




Hi,  Are there any updates to


Are there any updates to this? I'm experiencing the same in my environment. The job rate goes down by 50% on the verify stage. I have a NetApp 8020

didi you have a look at this

didi you have a look at this TN?