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NDMP backup fails with error 0xe0001319

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Hello. We are trying to use the NDMP option to back up shares on a Dell FS7600 appliance. After many hours of digging and speaking with Dell, we ran across this post (, and it mentioned that Symantec had a script to fix the issue. In the post, they provided it even without a support contract. However, I called Veritas yesterday, as they now handle BackupExec, and the rep we spoke to would not provide the script without a support contract. Would any of you happen to have a copy of the SQL script mentioned?

Many thanks in advance.


Employee Accredited Certified

As you seem to be running BE 2010 the script probably won't help you as it was wriiten as a workaround for BE 2012


The official fix (in an internal documemt) for the issue that is documented against BE 2012 in

Is solution provided in BE 2014 or later so really you should plan to upgrade BE