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NDMP logs - backup terminating


We've got an issue where our NDMP backups of a Dell FS8600 have started failing, on both the primary and secondary replicas. What's interesting is that both jobs fail at roughly the same byte count, suggesting it's a file issue. Dell's Co-Pilot have asked if we can provide a log of the backup which might contain the file being backed up at the point of failure so they can correlate with their internal logs?

The debug logs even when turned to verbose don't show this details.

Is this possible and how? 

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Re: NDMP logs - backup terminating


The backup job log includes a "NDMP Log" section which contains information about the NDMP volumes being backed up. Please review this output for errors and information about the volumes being backed up. As for file level information you may have to enable the NDMP debugging on the Filer itself which will contain more detailed information about the files and folders that are being backed up. 

Re: NDMP logs - backup terminating

Thank you for your reply.