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NFS Shares backup

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hello all, 

we have nfs shares and smb shares in dell emc isilon (power scale).  

i am able to add <domain>\ps-backup in smb shares in isilon and backup exec is able to see those shares and data. 

however NFS shares are different it has only Unix permissions. the default permissions are root account. 

how will i backup from backup exec.  i am able to mount those shares using drive: in windows but backup exec cannot see even mounted shares.

in  job i cannot see shares inside server name. 

server name is smart connect name or vfs name in isilon. 

server name is added however with empty with no information on shares. 

is there any way to backup nfs shares from backup exec. 





this is exactly how i am getting smb or CIFS shares. 

what about NFS shares?

when we add file server in BE console. it is different for smb and different for NFS. 

isilon has two VFS. one for smb and one for nfs. 

however once NFS file server is added in BE, it does not show shares. 

enable selection of user shares is already enabled in BE settings. 




I checked dell emc isilon that it is in HCL list.

Backup Exec 21 - 21.x Hardware and Cloud Storage Compatibility List (HCL) (

I also found that seem Backup Exec doesn't support NFS.

Did you try to add via NDMP?

there is ndmp option in power scale which is not selected. 

support has said, ndmp option is not supported if we power scale cluster. 

if it is without cluster, ndmp option is supported. 

so there is no point using ndmp option. 

ndmp option should not be selected if we are using direct shares mapping on backup exec. 

as said, smb share mapping works fine. 

however nfs path shows no paths. 


Seem not support NFS.

Did you ask support if BE would support NFS share?

this is really good, thank you for sharing with us