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Need Help Using a NetApp NAS as a Storage Location for DLO



We have the DLO option with BEWS 11d SP5 and moved the server to our HQ where we have a NetApp NAS available as a storage location, but no matter what we do, it says it can't see the location, need a file path, etc.

We've tried various file paths and even mapped the server to the location, added plenty of authority to the service account, folder permissions, etc. and yet it still says to enter a proper file path.

Can BEWS 11d DLO even use a NetApp NAS as a storage location?

Just found out our support contact ran out, so any help is appreciated.

DLO is running on W 2003 Std.



Stephen Davis


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DLO can be configured for

DLO can be configured for usage with NetApp filers -