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Need Help with B2D folder created on networked attached storage.

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I'm trying to get a B2D folder to work with a Network Attatched storage device.
I can create the folder, connect to it with UNC path.
When the backup job starts it gets the status queued.

I get the following error message in the log files.
An error occurred while processing a B2D command.
Changer: LockAndRefreshChangerConfig() Unable to Lock Changer.cfg (\\\Backup1\B2D\Changer.cfg). Error=3.

On the folder B2D on the device Backup1 the following files occur.

I think the @@@@@@@@.bkf file shouldn't be there.

So i tried to delete the B2D folder, recreate it in Backup Excec.
I then ran the same job again with the same result.

I don't think it's a access rights problem (i can browse it through windows).

My next thought was that the drive may be damaged so i replaced the harddrive.
Still the same result.

At this stage I was desperate and tried my own NAS server (which i know works) and i got it to work at the first attempt.

Can it be the nasserver itself that creates these problems. I have also tried to upgrade the NAS with it's newest firmware. By the way the filesystems on both NAS devices are Ext2. So it can't be the filesystem itself (that was another thought of mine).

Anyone who have had this issues and solved them

Symantec Backupexec 10.1d rev 5629 with Sp1 installed
NAS that works NAS quickserver
NAS that doesn't work (VIPOWER NAS)

If it is the NAS server itself can you please specify which device you recomend. The NAS quickserver that i'm running isn't manufactured anymore

Best regards Mattias Morin (

Level 6

Following tips may be useful to resolve the issue:

The error occurs if the folder has been deleted, moved, unshared or the
mapped drive containing the Backup Folder has been disconnected. This can
also happen if the folder has become inaccessible for any other reason, for
example if the disk is in a full state and is offline.

1.Go to Devices tab

2. Make sure that backup To Disk folder is not showing as "Offline" or

3. To resolve the error, make the folder accessible once again

4.Once the folder has been moved back, recreated or re-mapped, right click
on the backup folder, deselect the "Paused" state on the menu. The job will
then run as intended. There is no need to resubmit the job.

5. Also try a Inventory of the B2D folder

Thank You,