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Need help regarding backup exec Licensing.

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Hello Team,

I need some help to understand my backup exec licensing issue.

I have one backup exec media server [ABC]. I have installed backup exec 15 on it.

This is hyper-V host server. Server [ABC] host 2 hyperV virtual guest server [xyz1] and [xyz2].

On both hyperV guest virtual servers I have installed backup exec remote agent. Media server [ABC] is able to communicate with both servers [xyz1] and [xyz2]. Credentials test is successful.

I have created 2 separate backup jobs for each hyperV guest virtual server.

When I perform the backup job for drive C:\ , drive D:\ and system state for both servers.

Only backup of 'system state' data is getting successful. And backup for drive C:\ and D:\ is getting failed with error message :- 'The trial period for Backup Exec or for an agent or option has expired'.

When I check license tab in backup exec it shows remote agent license is not available.

But I am not able to understand if remote agent icense is not available then, why backup for 'System state' is getting successful for both the hyperV guest servers? 

Will someone please help me with troubleshooting conditions, which are possible in this case.

Which license should I purchease If I have to backup both hyperV guest servers.



Santosh Pawar.


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The best license to consider for your small environment would be the BE Vray Edition, It includes your BE Server License,  an Agent for VMware & Hyper-V which includes unlimited deployment of Agent for Windows, it also includes Agents for Applications and databases as well as the Dedup option.

Its licensed simply by the number of Physical CPU Sockets you have in your host.



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The reason you get the error is that a standard Backup Exec server license only includes the ability to backup the System State and drive letters (but not database or virtual systems) on the Backup Exec server itself.

There are a number of options to correctly license you r environment depending on how you want to backup and restore

Capacity Edition - this is simplest licesces as it opens up all agents and options and is licensed per 1TB of front end data that you  intend to backup

V-Ray Edition, which can backup Hyper-V host and VM's with GRT and Application GRT capability as a single package but needs extra Agent for Windows licences for any physical servers (and has already been mentioned as an answer)

Backup Exec server with Virtual Agent Licences (to give File GRT within VMs) and possibly Application & Database Agent licenses (for GRT within databases held inside VMs)  and use Virtual Agent backups which will still need further agent licenses for physical systems (this model being and a-la-carte model using virtual technology)

Backup Exec server with individual Windows and Application Agent licenses covering all physical and virtual servers, where traditional agent backups are used for both VMs and physical systems (so a-la-carte with traditonal methods)

Which you methods and licences you use depends on what backup and restore processes you intend to use and any financial costs for the licences themselves as such you probably need to do a bit more research before deciding (or just go simple and invest in Capacity Licensing which allows everything and then complete you research on the methods to use going forwards)