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Today i use symantec product (Symantec Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server 10d) on our exchange server and running well. The question is:

  • Could i use this product for full backup image (something like other product/acronis for example) so, if our server crash (need re-install), for minimalize configuration i just restore the last image backup
  • If this product cant do that, what software from symantec should i choose for upgrade? it can do backup regulary (incremental,diffrential) and of course full backup to image like the first qurstion before.

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1) No 2) You can consider

1) No

2) You can consider either Symantec System Recovery or Symantec Backup Exec

System Recovery - http://www.symantec.com/system-recovery-server-edition/?fid=backup-exec

Backup Exec - http://www.symantec.com/backup-exec/?fid=backup-exec



CPS is discontinued as of BE

CPS is discontinued as of BE 2012. You are correct in planning to move away from this product. BE does not do image-based backup, but you can use SDR to recover your servers. This method is similar to image recovery. Of course, BE for full and incremental backups. For true image backups, you should take a look at SSR. If you have any questions on SSR, post them in the SSR forum

Dear Alls, Thanks for your

Dear Alls,


Thanks for your suggestion.